Puppy Training Services

puppy consult Bromyard Worcester Hereford Leominster Ledbury Tenbury Wells Herefordshire Worcestershire

Puppy Consult

All the baby basics…

✅ Settling at Bedtime
✅ Toilet Training
✅ Biting/Mouthing
✅ Chewing


✅ Confidence Games.
✅ Name Reflex – we will start to teach your puppy its name.
✅ Discuss Puppy Training Goals.

Handouts and Homework.

Puppy Success Programme

Set your puppy up for success with key life-skills ready for a future filled with happiness, freedom and adventure!

Your puppy will learn –

✅ Recall – learn to come back when called whatever the distraction, even away from distractions like other dogs!

✅ Off Lead Freedom – learn how to become the most interesting thing to your puppy so you always have their attention!

✅ Walking nicely on lead – your puppy will learn that it pays well to walk on a relaxed lead and not pull!

puppy success programme Bromyard Worcester Hereford Leominster Ledbury Tenbury Wells Herefordshire Worcestershire

✅ Sit – your puppy will learn ‘sit to say please’ for things that it wants and not jump up or whine!

✅ Food Manners – your puppy will learn to be polite and back away from from plates, hands, treat bags, food on work surfaces and coffee tables!

✅ Leave it – your puppy will learn to ignore food that has dropped onto the floor…even SAUSAGE!

✅ Toy manners – your puppy will learn to play nicely with toys and ‘Drop’ and Get It when asked!

✅ Bed Games – your puppy will learn to be happy running to a bed, lying down and staying there until asked to get off even if you are preparing food or chatting to a visitor!

✅ Fun Tricks for confidence and photos such as Paws Up!


Your puppy will learn –

✅ To feel happy at the vets

✅ How to behave in pubs, cafes and garden centres

✅ To feel happy at the groomers

✅ How to be around other dogs

✅ To be happy about being handled or groomed such as not wriggling when having feet wiped or being brushed.

Weekly 1 Hour Session

15 min Monthly Support Call

Twice Weekly Check-in Whattsapp support

Certificate of Achievement

For puppies from 8weeks onwards

Love & Woofs

“Hayley gave me a call last night, after I contacted her about some concerns I had for my pup crying and feeling anxious at bed time.

Hayley gave me some great advice that I put into place right away, by taking her up to bed with us so she could feel less anxious, and me and the pup both had a brilliant sleep that my pup didn’t want to get up this morning until 8am, usually it’s between 5 and 7 that she wakes.

Can’t thank Hayley enough!”

Kerri Green

Areas I cover

Bromyard, Worcester, Hereford, Leominster,  Ledbury, Tenbury Wells, Herefordshire & Worcestershire

and the rest of the UK via online zoom call

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